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Jim Caras Chat

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Jim Caras and I chat about the “trifecta” for Accelerating Weight Loss!

Jim Caras is the founder and CEO of Health Direct.  I’ve used many of his innovative “anti-aging” products now for a few years and I’ve found them to be very effective.   While I’ve used two tof the three products here, I couldn’t wait to hear all about the third.  Listen in as Jim and I chat about the synergy of these three products…



Click HERE to learn more about these Health Direct products.


BTW…the third product in the “trifecta” is his innovative SlimIT.  You’ve got to check this out and listen as Jim explains the benefits of this product.  Together with Amino Sculpt, Sculpt n Cleanse, SlimIt can make the difference in your weight loss results!  Certainly worth a try!

Jim was kind enough to give my community a 20% discount on your order!!!!  Enter the coupon code  B4HEALTH20 when you check out!!!


Love to hear your experience with these products.  Come back here and leave a comment and/or go to my Facebook page and let me know how Jim’s products have made a difference for you.