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Cheryl Myers Chat

cheeryl myers

Cheryl Myers, RN Chat


It was an honor and privilege to be able to chat with Cheryl Myers and share some of her knowledge and insight into “athletic pain” and delayed onset of this pain, how to increase your energy and she introduces a powerful blood sugar control product from Germany.

Cheryl Myers, RN is an integrative health nurse, author and expert on natural medicine.  She is a nationally-recognized speaker who has been interviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Prevention Magazine.

A graduate (with honors) of Purdue University, Cheryl Myers, whose first degree is in nursing, also has clinical certifications in oncology (cancer care) and gerontology (health issues of aging). She has been working directly with dietary supplements for over 12 years. A natural medicine practitioner, Cheryl is a recognized expert in integrative health and dietary supplement use. She has lectured throughout the United States and has been a featured guest on more than 250 radio and television shows.

She is well known as an advocate for bridging the worlds of mainstream and natural medicine. Cheryl is the head of Scientific Affairs and Education for EuroPharma, Inc.  Cheryl currently oversees technical literature development, product research validation, educational outreach and acts as a liaison with thought leaders in integrative health.

Cheryl is a wealth of knowledge and I know you are going to enjoy our chat…


Do you find yourself left with muscle pain after working out?  Do you use NSAIDS like Ibuprofin and other aspirin type medication?  Cheryl shares how these are dangerous even though they are sold over the counter.  Is there something you can do to relieve this pain that is “natural” and will not cause adverse effects?  How about using curcumin?  The Curamin line of products by Terry Naturally are very effective at relieving pain and increase you anti-oxidents.

Cheryl explains exactly why this line of products are so effective.  I know she’ll answer questions you might have about this healing spice!        curamin

Curamin Athletic Pain is their newest and would be great for anyone who is taking my classes!  I’ve given you a link to learn more and buy!

How about a newly found powerful, effective natural product from Germany that will help you control your blood sugar?


You can get it here on Amazon.