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The Chat!




Welcome to The Chat!


One of the things I love about the women who are attracted to my method of movement and teaching is that you have a thirst for knowledge.  For ways we can improve our health and our lives but still keep it all centered and SIMPLE!

I do too!  When I got started in the “health and fitness” industry (way back when the dinosaurs roamed the earth), we didn’t have the internet.  If we wanted to learn something, we had to go to the library and really dig deep to find it.  We simply didn’t have access to all the new research, information and products that were coming out.

Now…we are drowning in information.  It’s coming at us so fast and furious that it is overwhelming to keep up.

There’s another problem with all this information…we lose our ability to discern truth from marketing.  Usually…he who markets best wins.  But that doesn’t mean because “everyone” is doing something or using a specific product that it is valid and/or right for us.

We typically don’t get to hear from the formulators of products or the research scientists themselves.  To get more in depth knowledge about all kinds of different health and fitness topics.

I wanted to bridge that gap.  That is why I started The Chat.

So I can chat with experts in their fields and share the information they have with us.

I hope you enjoy these Chats and share them with everyone you care about.


The first two chats I did with Teresa Tapp.  This was right at the start of our 2017 60 Day Challenge.

Check out the first chat I did with Jim Caras, President of HealthDirect USA and the formulator of Amino Sculpt.  You’ll also find a coupon code for 20% off your order if you decide to try it.

Here is the second chatI did with Jim Caras and we talked adrenal health!  Listen as Jim tells us about his two top battery chargers!

Everyone is talking gut health.  This was a chat I did with Jason Mitchell   Dr. Mitchell is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor and member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association as well as a member of the Certified Natural Health Professionals.  He developed an extraordinary line of probiotics.  Listen to the chat and find out how to get 20% off your order.

Mary Shoman is one of the world’s top layperson experts on thyroid health.  In 2016, Mary found herself with a potentially life=threatening condition…Type 1 Diabetes.  Listen to this Chat as Mary shares what she has learned through her own personal health challenge!  Fascinating Chat!

AnneMarie Clear is a T-Tapp Trainer and a Master HealthMath Trainer.  Her ability to share the  experience of living from our heart instead of constantly listening to the voice in our head is beautifully clear.  I found this to be a fascinating chat.  I hope you take the time to listen with your heart wide open.  You will find yourself feeling happy and at peace.

I had the honor of chatting with Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum.  Dr. T is the Director of the Practitioners Alliance Network and is one of the most frequently quoted integrative medical authorities in the world.  He is the author of the best-selling , From Fatigued to Fantastic!, Pain Free, 1,2,3!, Beat Sugar Addiction Now! series, Real Cause Real Cure, The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution,and the popular free smartphone app Cures A-Z.  This chat is filled with incredible information you can take with you and begin to implement into your life now and feel a difference in a week.

Cheryl Myers, RN is an integrative health nurse, author and expert on natural medicine.  She is a nationally-recognized speaker who has been interviewed by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Prevention Magazine.  Cheryl and I chat about athletic pain and how it can be a delayed response to movement.  She shares a product that is proven to help with this as well as a product that is powerful at helping control blood sugar.