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Sip Your Way Into Your Skinny Genes!

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Sip Your Way Into Your Skinny Genes!

Coffee Makes You Fat!

Did you know coffee makes you fat?  Sounds crazy!!!! Can a zero calorie drink really make you fat???

When I first heard coffee is fattening, I poo poo’d it.  “What crap I thought.  “That is the hokiest thing I ever heard of.”     

But 30 years of research proved me dead wrong!  It turns out, while coffee gives you a nice burst of energy,  it also stimulates fat storage.  How???  It’s that darn blood sugar thing again! 

This is what Drew Nieporent, New York restaurant owner found when he heard about the coffee/fat correlation.  He gave up his coffee and dropped 120 pounds!!!

Or Dainn Smith who was advised by her Dietitian to give up her coffee habit and dropped 4 dress sizes!

Hollywood Actress Merilu Henner had gained 45 pounds.  After reading studies about the fattening effects of coffee, she gave it up and realized it had been making her crave fattening foods.    Merilu gave up the coffee and dropped the excess weight!    

Still not convinced?  Me either. 

So I dug further into the research and discovered that coffee messes with our glucose metabolism and triggers our fat-storing hormones.  Not only that, but it brings blood sugar down too low and we start craving fattening foods.  YIKES!!! 

No wonder Crispy Creams go so well with our big cup of java!!!   

Guess what? It’s not just coffee that causes these negative reactions. All caffeinated beverage appear to do the same thing.

We are all tired because we aren’t eating a balanced diet and/or getting enough quality sleep. So we drink caffeinated beverages for energy. These energy drinks are sending our blood sugar all over the place causing us to get fatter and more tired. What a crazy cycle!!!

It’s not just the caffeine that’s a problem!!!

Decaf coffee does the same thing!!!  Gillian Anderson drank Starbucks Decaf coffee four times a day in an effort to drop some pounds.  Instead she gained 10 pounds!!! When she realized the only thing she was doing differently was drinking the decaf, she stopped and lost the weight!

We know insulin is the fat storing hormone so you can see why people tend to gain weight when they drink diet drinks.

Enter High-tech Science! 

The only way to fix coffee so it doesn’t stimulate fat storage is to incorporate the glycemic index, brain glycemic indexing and using buffered caffeine!

Introducing the First and Only Low-Glycemic, Fat-Burning, Appetite Suppressing, Thermogenic, 100% Organic, Awesome Coffee!!!

Skinny Gene Java is the ONLY product of it’s kind in the world!  This brilliant scientific team engineered a better way to produce coffee that does not cause a negative effect in the body!

Burn the fat you don’t want by drinking the ONLY fat-burning coffee in the world!

Patented buffered caffeine turns your body into a fat-burning furnace!

Give yourself a metabolic makeover with Skinny Gene Java!

Skinny Gene Java is so powerful you get maximum fat burning results from only (2) 12 oz cups a day. Studies have shown that if you drank (2) 12 oz cups of Skinny Gene Java, you would burn up to 800% more fat while you sit down reading the morning paper than if you went out and jogged 2 miles!

Check out just a few of the thousands of people who’ve tried it and loved it…

“I never thought it could be so easy. I have been on the diet roller coaster for years. I went from a size 14 to size 8 in four months. My husband went from a 42 to 38 waist and we both have been able to keep the weight off!! Yahoo!


karin lost 20 inchesGay feel wonderful 50 lbs downlynn 32dawn 70

Here’s even more Science behind this powerful life changing fat burning coffee!

Click here to read the 27 page report on the science behind this fat burning coffee!

Listen as Dr. Ann de wees Allen, the brilliant research scientist who formulated Skinny Genes Java, explains the why’s and how’s of this important new functional coffee!

This is a really great call with outstanding information about what makes us fat.  And what we can do to shift this!!!

Does what you put in your coffee make a difference in your results?

Most of us enjoy our coffee with a little extra something in it and we know sugar isn’t going to help us lose weight so we add an artificial sweetener to it.  That’s just like water on your already smoldering metabolism.  When the brain senses the sweetness (even if it’s not from real sugar), it tells the pancreas to get ready to deal with a whole bunch of sugar and sends the signal to secrete lots of insulin.

Want a sweetener that tastes fabulous, is kid friendly, allows you to use in recipes and can sweeten your java without those blood sugar issues?  I thought so…Check out this short video where Dr. Allen is explaining why we get fatter with artificial sweeteners and why this new Sweet Infused Sweetener is so exciting.

Ready to enjoy the smoothest, richest cup of fat-burning coffee in the world and start getting these benefits yourself? 

When you click the Buy Now, you will be taken to a website to place your order. 

Skinny Genes Java comes in a case with 30 packets of coffee.  You must brew the whole packet of coffee at once to get the best results.  But…you only drink half the coffee right then.  You either share the other half with a friend OR you save it and drink it later either heated up or iced.  So each packet of coffee has 2 servings.  That’s 60 servings in a case.

Here’s the can pay full retail for it if you’d like. 

The retail cost for the case of coffee is $89.95 (plus the shipping which will vary according to where you are).  That is just $1.50 a cup of fat burning, appetite suppressing, blood sugar balancing, delicious coffee!  

If you’d rather pay less, then become a Preferred Customer (you set up your own auto-ship and have it sent to you each month.  This way you are never out of your fat burning coffee and you won’t even have to remember to place a re-order).  Preferred Customers get the case of Skinny Genes Java for $79.95 (plus the shipping) or just $1.33 a serving.  FYI…You can cancel this any time you want to stop the benefits.

Do you know anyone that drinks coffee too?  How about those that also would love to burn fat, balance their blood sugar, control sugar cravings, increase their energy?  As a Preferred Customer, you also receive a free website and if you refer 4 of your friends and they also get their Skinny Genes Java…you get your monthly coffee FREE!!!!

Think it might be fun to share the only coffee CLINICALLY proven to burn fat with everyone you know and get paid a referral bonus?  Contact me and I’ll share how easy it is.

HMMM…Drink great coffee, burn fat, make $$$!  It doesn’t get much better than this!  Don’t worry though.  I’m not trying to recruit you!  I just love sharing products I find that work to help us lose weight and get healthy.  But if you do get excited and want to share it, there is an opportunity.

Not a coffee drinker but want the same kind of fat-burning benefits????  We have you covered!!!

The Skinny Genex Tea is for you.  All the same benefits as the coffee PLUS it “down regulates” the Obesity Gene.    Click here to check it out!


Legal Claims About Skinny Gene Java!!!!!

Remember…Skinny Gene Java is the ONLY coffee clinically proven to burn fat!! And The ONLY product that can make the following claims LEGALLY!!!!

This is a big deal!  This lets you know it’s not just a “marketing ploy” to get you to buy this coffee.  It actually does what it says it will. 

Check out the claims we can LEGALLY make about the Skinny Gene Java…

Skinny Gene Java is the ONLY Energy and Fat-Burning drink legally allowed to make the following claims. These claims are based on the Skinny Gene Java patent and research from 1983 – 2009.

The following claims are allowed solely as related to the Skinny Gene Java patent per FDA and FTC Rusles and Regulations, with attendant scientific research filed with FDA Regulatory Attorneys (1983 – 2009)

  1. Decreases fat cell size
  2. Promotes fat cell breakdown
  3. Boosts metabolism
  4. is a “Metabolic Booster”
  5. Is “Thermogenic”
  6. Curbs appetite
  7. Anti -Ketogenic (does not induce ketosis)
  8. Increases metabolism
  9. Helps maintain normal BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate)
  10. Is an Award-Winning Revolutionary Breakthough in Food Science Technology (Succes Magazine Breakthrough Product of the Year)
  11. Contains a ceertified Low Glycemic Matrix

Ready to enjoy the smoothest, richest cup of coffee AND burn some serious fat????  Click HERE to get yours coming right to your kitchen!