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Jason Mitchell Chat

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Let’s talk Probiotics!

Many of you might know I was recently down and out.  I was shocked to learn I had a bad infection in my colon.  I ended up in the Emergency Room for it and was prescribed 2 powerful antibiotics.  Now I HATE anti-biotics and haven’t been on any since childhood.  Yep…that long.  But this turned out to be potentially life threatening so they were called for.

Now it’s time to heal the gut…again.  How fortuitous that I had interview Dr. Jason Mitchell a few months ago and never got a chance to post this interview.  I guess now is the perfect time!

Gut health is such a hot topic!  Tons of information out there on how to heal your gut.  While there can be debate about a lot of different therapies, there is one thing most “gut experts” agree on. Probiotics are an essential addition to our health program.  This is where the agreement tends to end.

I was honored to chat with Dr. Jason Mitchell to get to the real guts about probiotics (Sorry…I had to).

Let me introduce Dr. Mitchell to you…Dr. Mitchell is a board certified Naturopathic Doctor and member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association as well as a member of the Certified Natural Health Professionals. Dr. Jason Mitchell grew up in the Natural Products Industry and being exposed at such a young age to the value of healthy eating and natural living has shaped his ideology on living a higher quality of life.  Dr. Mitchell has spent the last 15 years of his professional career developing over 200 industry leading dietary supplements.  Before becoming the Chief Executive Officer for Probulin® and its family of companies he was most recently the Chief Science Officer and one of the managing executives for Country life Vitamins, a 40+ year old,  very successful supplement manufacturer located in the Long Island area of New York State.

Dr. Mitchell prides himself on using only the finest ingredients that are Non-GMO, Wheat and Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and free of unnecessary additives such as Magnesium Stearate artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners.  All Probulin® products follow this important ideology.

And now here is our zoom Chat:


I really love this website too because it is very easy to read and understand and simple in it’s explanation of the digestive system and why this particular brand of Probiotic might be perfect for you.

I subscribed to his newsletter and received 20% off my first order and yes…I did place my order.  I am now in recovery mode and need the best, most powerful probiotic (and prebiotic) I can get my hands on.  Love for you to try it too and let’s compare our experiences!


Again…click here to go to the Probulin site!