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Tried Everything? Nothing Works?

yikesTried Everything?  NOTHING Works???

Can YOU Relate to Any of These Challenges?

  • Find yourself gaining weight without doing anything differently than you did before?  The things you did in the past to lose weight aren’t working now?
  • Tired and can’t seem to get your mojo going?
  • Your brain feel foggy and you can’t seem to clear it?
  • Lost motivation and can’t seem to get it back?
  • Feeling deeply frustrated and not even sure why?
  • Feeling angry and betrayed by your body and by life in general?
  • Not feeling sexy and not even caring?
  • Lost your sense of purpose in life?
  • Feeling invisible?
  • Not creative or inspired?

Here’s a big one…

Have you always taken care of everyone else at your own expense?  Are you feeling completely depleted and not sure what to do about it or where to turn?

Me too…

My whole life I did things I thought were “right” in terms of my health.  I went to college to study Dietetics, have a Master of Science Degree in Natural Health, became a personal trainer and have more health and fitness certifications than I can fit on one piece of paper.

I did it. I taught it.  I lived it .

I was sure this was a guarantee that when I hit my 50’s, I would be the epitome of vibrant health. I was going to be the poster girl for “anti-aging”. Doing everything “right was my insurance policy against getting tired and  sick!health insurance poligy

But I found that doing all these things to guarantee my health actually lead me to a state of being un-healthy!

When I found myself in this unhealthy state, it took me by surprise.  I desperately wanted to figure out how I got myself to this place!

I realized I had amassed a tremendous amount of information about how to “be healthy”!    In analyzing all this health information, two simple “KEYS To Health” became so clear to me.

two keysTwo Simple keys to unlock your health…

Key #1    One size does NOT fit everyone!

Key #2    Because something works in one stage of your life, there are no guarantees it will work as you go through the next stage of your life!

Simple! Perhaps obvious!  Definitely profound!

A lot of things ( different nutrition plans, supplements, exercise programs) helped me and my clients over the years lose weight ( my clients have lost over 900,000 pounds combined)  BUT…they didn’t necessarily get us healthy and vital!

Many of them made me tired and frustrated, gave me digestive issues which carried over into skin issues and just made me feel generally unwell.  Then the bottom dropped out!  I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition and adrenal exhaustion.  NOT good stuff!

I couldn’t believe it had come to this!

I did health and fitness seminars, wrote blogs and did videos…   How can I be telling other people what to do when it wasn’t working for me? How could I put myself out there as an expert in health?

I didn’t feel like I was  “walking the talk” but I didn’t even know what the talk was anymore.   It was very depressing and I felt like, along with my health, I’d lost my purpose.

Where do I start my healing???

Accepting the fact that I was not well allowed me to take my first step towards healing.   I knew I had to get quiet, go within and get clear and honest with myself about where I was at that point.

From that place of acceptance, I took a look at all the different tools and resources I had amassed over the years and began to craft my own return to vibrancy and health.wordswag_1472246680749

I realized it was time to stop giving away my power to the latest fads.  These sometimes provided short term results but ultimately don’t lead to long term health.

Instead I needed a new way of looking at health…a way that leads to a sense of nourishing myself at all levels of my being.

It was time for me to love myself and my body back to vibrancy.

My Healing Rx included feeding myself foods that nourished my cells and my senses, movement that made me feel flexible, strong and happy, relationships that supported me exactly where I was and allowed me to do the same for them.

I stopped the “pushing” and resisting the messages my body was giving me about what it needed and as I relaxed and breathed into these changes, my body responded by releasing a lot of pent up energy that was then able to be used for my healing.

What was so interesting is that,  as I was crafting my own healing by recognizing how angry and betrayed I felt by my body, I saw how many of clients were feeling the exact same way.  As I worked on healing this in myself, I shared my tools with my clients and they were able to do the same thing.

As we let go of these negative emotions and got clear about how that resistance was causing us to make poor food and other lifestyle choices that further exacerbated the problems, we began giving ourselves more nourishing food.  It came so easily as part of the process.

Yes!!!  Healing is Possible!  Even for YOU!

I changed and healed!  I shared what was working for me and helped my clients implement what felt right to them in their lives.

Here is where “one size doesn’t fit all” becomes so relevant.  The things I used for myself might not have been the same for all my clients, but the process we used to choose these things was the same.


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Getting “un-stuck”!

 One Woman’s Healing Experience…                   gum on shoe

One woman who came to me at this time was, in her words, paralyzed in her life.  Nothing, including her bowels, was moving.

All her friends came to her to have her “fix” them.  She had a mother who called her three times a day wanting her to fix everything that was wrong in her life and a son who expected the same thing.  This had gone on her whole life and at this point, she had nothing left to give anyone.

Her energy had been completely spent and she didn’t know how to get out of this downward spiral that was now also affecting her health.

By allowing her to get clear about how she had allowed this situation to become “her life” and use some of the emotional healing tools I also was using to clear old programming that no longer serves us, she was able to change how she was dealing with the relationships in her life.

She was able to take back control over her time and energy and put boundaries around these relationships in a way that was loving to both them and more importantly, to her.

The amount of energy that was freed up (by not giving it away to everyone else) allowed her body to heal itself and allowed her to have time to also pursue activities that gave her joy.  Her health and vitality returned.

Ease Your Way Back to YOU!wordswag_1472165996609

I realized I was programmed to constantly be productive and believed that the rewards came from all the doing.  I had been pushing and doing my whole life.  But where was the joy?  Where was the ease?  What did all the striving lead to?

Isn’t that where the term dis-ease comes from????

I realized it was time to ease my way back to health.

Healing is an inside job.  But there are certainly tools and processes that shine the light and make it easier to take these steps.

As I got clearer, I showed my clients how to do these processes too and they began seeing wonderful results.  They got comfortable in their bodies and enjoyed moving again.  As they started moving comfortably, they naturally wanted to support this forward movement with healthier food.

Their health improved exponentially and they began to enjoy life again.  They were able to get their mojo back.

From a place of ease…not from a place of forcing themselves to take action and do, do, do.  It is a thing of beauty to watch and be a part of.

Does “reclaiming” Yourself (and your health) from a place of joy and ease sound interesting to YOU?

If you related to any of these issues and are ready to “reclaim” Yourself, along with your sense of health and vitality, I would love to gift you with a complementary “Reclaim your self and your body” Coaching consultation.  In this consultation, you will gain clarity about what you want your life (and health) to look and feel like a year from now.  You will take a look at where you are now and see what obstacles you are experiencing that have held you back.  From this vantage point, we can design a game plan that allows you to move forward.  YES!  With joy and ease!

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YOU are too important to not create a life that allows you to fill yourself up with all the joy that is available to you.  It is very difficult to do this when you aren’t feeling good.

Let’s get you “un-stuck” and back on the journey!