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Brain/Body Fitness


Timeless Fitness for Your Brain and Body!


Are you worried about maintaining good brain health as you get older?  Have you watched any of your relatives and/or friends stare down the long tunnel of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s?  If so…you are not alone.  These conditions are becoming epidemic in our society and they are not for the faint of heart!  There is nothing pretty about losing your ability to use your brain!

I’ve been teaching fitness for over 25 years.  I am now 59 and most of my clients are women between 45 and 80.  While we all want to look our best and keep our bodies tight and toned, I find as we continue through life, our goals and values change.  Yes…we still would love to get into our skinny jeans, but just as important, we want to feel wonderful in our body and we want to maintain a young, juicy brain.

T-Tapp has been called a “brain/ body fitness” program.  Teresa Tapp has been ahead of her time and made sure to add lots of “brain/body” moves into the workout so we’ve all had the benefits of much of this work already.  One good reason you can’t just pick up a DVD and “get it” the first 5 times you try to do it.

NO!  You aren’t “uncoordinated”.  Your brain simply hasn’t developed those neuropathways yet to do those moves.  They are different from the “normal” ways you move.  Pretty ingenious, huh???

Enter…Ageless Grace!

I was introduced to Ageless Grace by a few different Fitness Professionals and after the third person recommended I look into it…I realized I needed to pay attention.  Three intros tends to be my charm!

I attended the workshop and became certified as an Ageless Grace Educator.

Ageless Grace is based on the science of neuroplasticity.  Notice I bolded the word science!  I did this because it’s important to know this work is now being proven to be helpful at keeping our brains healthy.  It’s not woo woo.  It’s not junk science.  It’s not..”well maybe it works!”

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain and central nervous system to change its form and function, specifically when stimulated with physical movement, the way we created our neural pathways originally from birth to late teens.

Neuroscientists believe the PURPOSE of the brain is to control movement of the body!!!  Movement, in turn, can change the brain.  Think about this!  Movement can change the brain!  So if you do something new with the body (think new moves in your workout) the brain has to figure out what you are doing and then, through repetition, helps the body do it better and more efficiently.  They work hand in hand!

The women who developed Ageless Grace, Denise Medved, did a fun, short TED Talk titled Changing your brain can be as simple as child’s play.   This video shows the 5 functions of the brain that need to happen to allow the firing of new neurons!  If you are interested in this program, take a few minutes to watch.

The Ageless Grace program consists of 21 simple movement tools for lifelong comfort and ease.  Each movement tool addresses a primary factor that causes aging in the body, as well as having many secondary brain and body benies.

All 21 movement tools stimulate and utilize all 5 functions in the brain.  Towards the end of this clip, Denise shows you one of her 21 simple movement tools so you can try it for yourself.  It’s call Simple Geometry.  I think you’ll find it fun and a little disconcerting!

You probably won’t be able to do it “right” the first couple of times you try it.  Then, as the brain sees what you want it to do…you’ll get better and better at it.  NEUOROPLASTICITY at it’s best!

I did a video giving you more information I found interesting and then did a different one of the 21 tools for you to follow along with.  The music used during this tool isn’t very loud but in our classes, you’ll definitely be able to hear the music.  Guess what?  The brain loves rhythm and music and so do most of us.


The Practice of Ageless Grace

Ageless Grace is done for 10 minutes a day!  You chose 3 tools to do that day.  1 tool to a song.  Each tool is done for about 3 minutes each.

You do it barefoot!  YES!!!   Seated in a chair (I explain why we sit in a chair in the video).

That’s it!

A daily 10 minute play session maintains and can INCREASE brain function.  Even 2 – 3 times a week will help but let’s face it…daily, consistent practice is best.

I will be doing a 10 minute session at the end of our daily classes.  Love to have you stay and play with me!

It’s never too late to begin.  It’s never too early to start!