New year Resolutions? How about Conscious Intentions Instead!

by Renee on January 4, 2012

No New Years Resolutions!  Instead…What do you want to consciously create in your life in 2012?


If you are looking for the latest, greatest new year resolutions or "challenge", I'm afraid this is going to disappoint you. You'll have to go to the millions of other people ready to whip you into shape.

I'm doing it differently this year. I decided to stop the insanity and reactivity and take the time to do some deep reflection.

I spend time alone with my journal writing down what I achieved in 2011 and what I felt I didn't do so well with. What made me happy and where I let myself down. From this reflection, I began getting clarity on what it is I want to bring forward into my life in 2012.

Instead of New Years resolutions, I put together my new years intentions. Conscience intention is about deciding how to act!

It is focused on your own actions as opposed to the intended results. It is "be" oriented as opposed to "do" oriented. The "doing" arises naturally out of the "being". And the having is the result.

I want to be a healthy, balanced, empowered, joyful women who is of service to those who are drawn to me. This is my intention for 2012.

Still craving a challenge???  Okay…I challenge you to take the time to reflect back on 2011 and make a conscious decision about your intentions for 2012.

Love to hear what you want to bring forward into the new year!

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