Do Women Need To Lift Weights to Get Lean?

by Renee on June 1, 2016



Do Women Need To Lift Weights To Get Lean?


There are some things in the fitness world that have been repeated so often they are thought to be above scrutiny.  Of course women need to lift weights to get lean.  Especially women over 50.  If you do an internet search (and I have!) on how us women can regain (or gain for the first time) our youthful body, lifting weights always comes up at the top of the list.

Now I’m not saying here that lifting weights won’t help you get lean and strong.  That would be ridiculous.  If you are lifting weights and getting the results you are looking for, then please stay with it!  But what I have found through experience is that it’s not the ONLY truth.

You CAN build long, lean dense muscle without lifting weights.  When you learn how to put your body into proper spinal alignment and activate all the muscles that attach to the spine, you are on your way.  Add in a body weight workout routine using muscle activation techniques, and you will watch your body transform.

One of the biggest reasons I have chosen not to use weights when I work with my clients is because most of us have a lot of muscle imbalance and our brains aren’t strongly connected to our body. When you combine those two things and then put weights at the end of our extremities, we can create even more imbalance.

Instead,  work with your body, going slowly and focusing on what you are doing with your body in space. Then you can actually sculpt your muscles (slimming down in the hips, thighs and belly), cinching them in like girdles.

Check out my video where I actually show how to use these principles!


Using these techniques create long, lean dense muscles that act like spanx!  Muscles are more metabolically active and do use more energy throughout the day.  So the idea that the more muscle you have, the more energy (think calories) you burn all during the day is absolutely true.  Now you can see you can get that muscle without having to lift weights!

If you are ready to design your lean, healthy body using these body weight workouts, click here to contact me.   This is simple!  You CAN do this!  And get amazing results!


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