Walking for Weight loss!

by Renee on May 11, 2013

Love Walking For Weight Loss!


Do you love walking for weight loss?  How would you like to learn a walking technique that will super charge the results you get from every walk?

It’s all about posture power and that’s what T-Tapp’s Step Away the Inches is all about.

On Step Away the Inches, Teresa Tapp shows you the importance of walking with your toes pointing forward.  No ducks!!!  Did you know that “duck walking” is one cause of weak tummy’s.  Toes straight and lift your big toe.  In other words, you will be off the big toe ball joint pushing off from the last three toes.  What does that do?  It allows your knees to come into alignment with your ankle and hip.  No more knees rolling in.

This sounds really weird when you read about it.  But I urge you to get the DVD and follow along.  You will be amazed at the tummy tightening results!  You will watch as your saddlebags melt away.  This is because you will be activating those muscles in alignment and that will cause them to tighten right up.

Let’s now focus on our upper body.  You will be tucking your tailbone under just until you feel your tummy muscles engage and then you lift your ribs!  It’s right about now that you will really know you have found a way to work every muscle in your body with your simple walking workout.

Just in time to pay attention to what you are doing with your arms.  Notice if your palms are facing  behind you.  When they are, you will see that it causes your shoulders to roll forward, inactivating the muscles in your upper back and neck.  Inactivated muscles lead to fat accumulation so if you want to burn off your back and neck fat, rotate your arms so your hands are facing the front of your body.  See what happens to your shoulders?

This is posture power at it’s best.   Put it to work for you when you go for your walk and you will super charge your inch and weight loss.

How do I know this works?  I’ve been doing t-Tapp for 14 years.  Before that, I taught a wonderful walking technique called Dynamic Walking.  I also taught Racewalking.  I LOVE to walk.  I found the walking techniques taught in Step Away the Inches really changed my body.  My hips stopped hurting and I lost that fluff on the sides of my legs!  I could really feel it tightening my lower belly too.  Walking with T-Tapp technique has become my standard way of walking.

Get Step Away the Inches or Step it to the Max (level 2 walking workout) and learn this technique.  Do the walking workout in your home and take it for a stroll in the park.  Come back and share your wonderful results!

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