by Renee on January 10, 2012

What Is T-Tapp?

It's the Workout that WORKS!!!


19 women in Atlanta were introduced to the benefits of T-Tapp at the workshop I had on Saturday.  The feedback I've been getting since Saturday has been fantastic. 

It's so nice to know that you truly can burn fat, build muscle, maintain and build bone density and balance hormones without having to do intense cardio exercise, lift a bunch of weights and work out for hours.  Instead…less is more when you learn how to use intelligent movement like T-Tapp. 

I'm going to the T-Tapp Bootie Bootcamp this week.  I know..it's Beauty Bootcamp.  But for me, I love what it does for my bootie.  Just saying…

The line-up of speakers and presenters is diverse and exciting.  It includes my very own hair guru Brent Hardgrave! 

I promise I'll be taking a bunch of videos so you get a nice taste of what T-Tapp is all about.  Great healthy movement, wonderful women from around the country and the world, wonderful healthy (and not so healthy) food, and of course…wine!!!!

Off to do my hoe-downs!!!!

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