T-Tapp Works For ALL Body Types!

by Renee on February 3, 2012

T-Tapp Works For ALL Body Types!


Have you ever committed to a workout, done it faithfully and found yourself not looking any different?  Yes…you probably felt better.  But your thighs didn't get smaller and tighter (as a matter of fact they might have even gotten bulkier), your tummy didn't shrink and your arms still have bat wings.

If this sounds like you, you haven't tried T-tapp.  T-Tapp was designed to work for all body types.  If your hips,thighs and tush are your main "areas of concern", running, lifting weights, doing traditional squats are only going to bulk you up.  T-Tapp's moves are designed to sculpt your lower body.

By the way ladies…you won't lose your diva tush.  But you will tighten, tone and lift it up!!!  T-tappers look great in jeans!

Tummy got you down?  Been walking or running for miles but your belly hasn't budged? You've got to activate all those muscles that attach to the spine.  Bending and twisting are all part of the Basic workout and this is why belly fat is blasted off in record time.

I get asked all the time which T-Tapp moves are the best for individual trouble spots.  My answer is always the same…they are all good for all spots.  Teresa Tapp designed this workout with all body types in mind.  This workout will work for you regardless of your body type.

So you don't have to worry about picking out the moves you need.  All you need to do is …The workout.  Get out your Basic Workout + or Total Workout and just do it.  Want to accelerate your results?  Focus on muscle activation while doing the moves. 

It's helpful to understand your body type so you know what results you can achieve.  But even more important is loving the body you were born with.  Stop wishing you were a different type or could achieve some perfection that isn't possible given your unique type.  Focus on the perfection that is already YOU!!!!


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    I note when I do T-Tapp my tummy does go down (which is great as that is my trouble spot) but my thighs do get thicker. My calves don’t change at all, and it looks strange because I have very thin calves and muscular thighs. How to beat my chicken legs?

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