Does T-Tapp Really Work?

by Renee on September 8, 2011


Does T-Tapp Really Work???

The documentary "T-Tapp and Healthy Hormones" that's being aired on PBA 30 in Atlanta has generated a ton of interest in the T-Tapp workout from women wanting to know…does T-Tapp really work? 

YES!!!  T-Tapp does really work!  I've been a T-Tapp Trainer for 12 years and I've worked with hundreds of people using this workout.  So I'm uniquely qualified to tell you that T-Tapp absolutely works! 

Now that I've said that…another questions comes to mind.  What exactly do you mean by "work"??? 

The answer to this is very individual.  For one person, "work" means they lose weight by doing the workout.  For another person it means it helping their blood pressure come down or helping them keep their blood sugar in a normal range. 

Inch loss????  Without a doubt!   How about reduction in cellulite?  Yes! Especially with Teresa Tapps Cellulite Removal Technique (CRT)! 

If you read my prior blog post, you'll learn about Wanda who lost 21 inches doing the 15 minute workout for 1 week!!!

There is only one problem with T-Tapp!  You have to do it for it to work!!!

I know, I know…I've tried to get the results through osmosis.  Put it under my pillow at night and hope it will do it's magic while I'm sleeping.  I'm still searching for that workout but right now all we have is the one you've still got to do.

But heck!  It's only 15 minutes a day and the up-side benies can be almost miraculous!

If you are still on the fence about taking the big plunge..there is only one way you will ever know if it will work for you. 

Try it!!!!

Then come back here and let me know your results! 


  • I am on the edge of my 50th birthday and have taken my fitness and health for grated all these years however I am now looking to do ‘something’ to benefit my strength and wellbeing. I have heard about T Tap but have never really looked into it, your post here has me intrigued Renee and I shall look in to it. Thanks so much for posting and for the info.

    • Reneemcl

      Hi Deborah! I’m so glad you’ve decided to check out T-Tapp! It really is a fantastic workout and I believe it’s especially wonderful for those of us who are over 30! Intense, high impact workouts are very aging and inflammatory. T-Tapp gets even better tightening and toning results and is anti-inflammatory!!! A double thumbs up! If you try it, come back and let me know your results!

  • Nancy

    Great looking website! I love the fact that you talk about short amounts of time to exersice as I often fall of the wagon and have to get back on. Doing regular short times sure helps keep a person on track more.

    • Reneemcl

      Thanks for your positive feedback Nancy! I agree with you about short workouts! They do work especially when you are doing a workout like T-Tapp. Teresa has a saying she loves to use – “less is more when you are doing intelligent movement!” Here’s to a set or two of hoe downs!!!

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