Track Success…Not Failures!

by Renee on March 8, 2013

Track Your Successes!  NOT Your Failures!


When you go to sleep at night, do you beat yourself up for all the things you should have done (like your T-Tapp workout) and didn't or things you did (eat that piece of pizza) that you wish you hadn't?

Focusing on your "failures" won't help you succeed.  Instead it leads to feelings of defeat.  While it's helpful to know your weak areas, focusing on them doesn't lead to success.

Why not change your focus and start to track your successes! 

Tracking your successes will allow you to become aware of what is working for you and then you can build on that awareness. 

Let's say you have found if you take out your Daily Planner and decide which days in the coming week you want to do your T-Tapp workout and you write it in at the time you want to do it just like you would any other appointment, you will get your T-Tapp Workout in.  GREAT awareness.  One you can build on.  Keep doing it and create a new habit.

Many of my clients find they can stay on their healthy diet during the day.  But after dinner they resort to mindless snacking. They notice (by tracking their successes) the one night that week they didn't snack was when they had an activity that didn't include watching TV.  You can build on that success by planning activities in the evening instead of sitting and watching TV. 

We all know what you focus on expands.  Expand the focus and include tracking!  Track and be mindful of your successes.  Then come back here and let us know what is working for you. 

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