Teresa Tapp’s Celebration of Life 2018

by Renee on October 8, 2018

teresa memorial


Teresa Tapp was a brilliant fitness and health visionary.  She created and developed the T-Tapp Workout and method of movement.  This workout has inspired thousands of people all over the world to believe in the healing power of movement and to use her movements to empower themselves to create health and fitness in their own lives.

Teresa Tapp passed on September 20, 2018 of metastatic disease.

Teresa Tapp was my mentor.  While I rarely talked with her between retreats and events, I knew she was always there, behind the scenes.   Creating new moves and new ways for us to connect to our body.  I knew she was THERE!  There was the security of knowing she was there even if we didn’t actually connect very often.

I would call Teresa my friend.  Those of us who “knew” her knew that she was a very private person.  She kept her personal life private.  That was her choice and her journey.

It is challenging writing this post.  I want to share my heart and soul about what Teresa’s passing means to me.  But it can’t be summed up into words on a page.  Grieving is a ongoing process that includes many conflicting emotions that show themselves up at the oddest times.

We can find ourselves feeling angry, sad, joyful remembering, guilty, denying…

I watch my T-Tapp family going through all of these at different times and sharing our grief and emotions as they wash over us.

The depth of emotion I’ve seen expressed has surprised me.  The degree of sadness and sense of despair over her passing, even by those who never met her, has been fascinating to me.

The incredible people that showed up to her Celebration of Life just to be there, to show their respect and to feel her presence was heart-warming and healing to me.

One of Teresa’s gifts was that she made everyone feel special.  She made you feel like you mattered regardless of who you were.

Her constant reminder that…YES…You CAN! made a difference to us.  It showed me how that constant reinforcement does imprint and cause a positive shift in emotion and in behavior.

YES…We DID!  because she promised us we could.

It is said that if you just inspire one person while you are on this earth…you will have had a “successful” life.  Imagine leaving our earth having inspired thousands!  That was the life and lasting legacy of Teresa Tapp.

Rest in peace, my dear mentor…and friend!




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