T Tapp Tips! Get Rid of Arm and Back Pudge!

by Renee on July 13, 2016



T Tapp Tips!  Get Rid of Arm and Back Pudge!


Have you been doing T Tapp but not getting quite the results you are looking for?  While you don’t have to have “perfect form”, the more you learn how to really engage your muscles, the better your results will be.  That’s why I love sharing my top tips and tweaks for getting the absolute MOST out of the short time you spend t tapping!

In this video I share one of my favorite tips for how to get the most out of the arm positions we use in some of the different T tapp moves.  Like our beloved Hoe Downs.  And our tricep (batwing) curls.

Want all my tips, tricks and tweaks for getting the most out of your t tapp workout????  Check out my Video Form Intensive Course!  Once you know how to really DO the T tapp moves…you won’t believe how your body will melt off that excess fluff and make you feel your best.

Can’t wait for you to try these and come back and let me know how you used them to tighten up your batwings and burn off that back (bra) pudge.

These are simple!!!  You CAN do them!!!


xoxo Renee

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