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T Tapp tip! How to do Hoe Downs

August 23, 2016

T-Tapp Tips!  How To Do Hoe Downs!   Have you heard of this crazy T-Tapp move called Hoe Downs?  If not…you might just want to stick around and check this 3 minute fat blasting move. Let me first share what T-Tapp is NOT!  It is NOT tap dancing.  No dancing involved. The “T” stands for […]

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Want to get rid of Your Turkey Neck and Double Chin??

February 26, 2016

Want To Get Rid of Your Turkey Neck and Double Chin?? Check out this T-Tapp Tip of the Week!   Want to get rid of that wobbley turkey neck and/or your double chin?  This is a darn tough area to tighten and tone.  You can’t run it off, HIIT it off, weight lift it off […]

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T-Tapp Technique keeps knees pain-free!

September 26, 2014

T-Tapp Technique Keeps Knees Pain-FREE!!!   T-Tapp Technique To the Rescue! Did you realize when you learned T-Tapp you actually learned techniques that can keep your body out of pain?  This is one of the benefits of T-Tapp! Yes, T-Tapp will help you whittle your middle, tighten your torso, sculpt away your sidesaddles and rid […]

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Super Charge Your T-Tapp Results with Points of Perfection!

July 31, 2014

Want To Super Charge Your T-Tapp Results? Work On Points of Perfection!   Ready to Super Charge Your T-Tapp Results??? Have you been doing your T-Tapp Workout and ready to take it to the next level?  Now is the time to work on “points of perfection”.  Notice I didn’t say you have to do T-Tapp […]

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A Secret T-Tapp Tip To Trimming Your Torso!!!

December 4, 2013

  A Secret T-Tapp Tip To Trimming Your Torso!   Want to lose inches in your torso fast?  Here is a not-so-secret tip to torso trimming the T-Tapp way… “Inhale!  Exhale bigger and pull those ribs together!” Do you recall hearing Teresa Tapp say those words throughout the various T-Tapp DVD’s?  My bet is you’ve […]

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T-Tapp Form Perfected With Warm Up Workouts!

November 27, 2013

   T-Tapp Form Perfected with Warm Up Workouts T-Tapp Works! T-Tapp is known as the “workout that works”!  T-Tapp has helped thousands of people drop inches quicker and with much less effort than any other workout I know of.  Losing 2 sizes in 4 weeks (the by-line of Teresa Tapp’s book Fit and Fabulous in […]

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The Healing Energy of the T-Tapp Community!

November 20, 2013

  The Healing Energy of the T-Tapp Community!   For the past 12 years I have attended The T-Tapp Annual Fitness Retreat.  I was there last month and was lucky enough to follow it up last weekend with a shorter Wellness Weekend that Teresa Tapp held.  I want to share with you one HUGE observation. […]

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3 Moves To Super Charge Fat Burning!

July 8, 2013

  3 T-Tapp Moves To Super Charge Your Fat Burning! Want 3 moves that will super charge your fat burning??? Want to know one reason T-Tapp is so effective at helping us cinch in and up so quickly?  It’s because T-Tapp focuses on increasing spinal density.  That means increasing the density of the muscles that […]

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T-Tapp Helped Jan lose 7 inches and Hold Back Her Scoliosis!

June 5, 2013

T-Tapp helped Jan lose 7 inches and hold back her scoliosis! T-Tapp helps with Scoliosis! T-Tapp  helped Jan lose 7 inches since November (6 months) while strengthening and re-balancing her weak back muscles due to severe scoliosis.  Jan has had scoliosis since childhood.  Because scoliosis causes a large “s” curve of the spine,  the muscles […]

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Walking for Weight loss!

May 11, 2013

Love Walking For Weight Loss!   Do you love walking for weight loss?  How would you like to learn a walking technique that will super charge the results you get from every walk? It’s all about posture power and that’s what T-Tapp’s Step Away the Inches is all about. On Step Away the Inches, Teresa […]

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