T-Tapp Featured in “First For Women”

by Renee on September 4, 2018

t-tapp in firstT-Tapp Featured in “First for Women”

T-Tapp Healed Her Back  While Losing 11 Inches

T-Tapp is featured in the September 24, 2018 edition of First for Women magazine.  The article shares the exciting results one T-Tapper, Jennifer Papastephanou, experienced from doing this wonderful method of movement.

Jennifer had suffered from debilitating back pain for years as so many people do.  She had tried many things to relieve the pain and get her back into a healthy state.  A few things helped, but the relief just didn’t last.

Enter T-Tapp!  Jennifer found T-Tapp while doing a Google search and decided to give it a try.  She did our 15 minute workout and our Step Away the Inches workout just 15  20 minutes a day for 3 – 4 days a week.

Imagine her astonishment when, not only did it relieve her back pain…it also helped her shed those pesky stubborn inches.  Yep…she even dropped 11 inches.

The subtitle of this article has been my mantra for years…MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE!  As long as you learn which medicine to take and how to take it to get your best healing result.

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Here’s the bottom line…T-Tapp WORKS!  You just need to DO IT!

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