Review of Skinny Genes Java and SkinnyGenex Tea!

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Review of Skinny Genes Java and SkinnyGenex Tea!


You might have heard me shamelessly mentioning a new fat burning coffee that actually WORKS!!!  This isn’t simply marketing jargon based on anecdotal stories.  You know what I mean…”someone’s Aunt Edna’s daughters teacher who drank the coffee and lost 100 pounds in 3 weeks” kind of thing.

No!  This fat burning coffee has 30 years of clinical research and study behind it along with having over 250,000 people successfully use the coffee to help them balance their blood sugar, reduce insulin levels (REad…reduce belly fat and cholesterol), increase their energy levels and yes…burn fat.

While most of us love our coffee (I certainly do), some of us don’t drink it.  But you don’t have to give up the benies of this coffee.  Instead…you can enjoy the SkinnyGenex tea.

How does it work? How do you take it to get the best benefits?  How do you get it?  All this will be revealed in my chat with my dear friend and business partner…Lynn Cooper.  We hope you enjoy this chat!

Chat with Lynn Cooper!

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Here is Lynn’s before and after!

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Want to just listen to this Chat? Here it is on SoundCloud!

To get the best results with these products, it is important to follow the directions on how to use them.  Lynn and I detail the best ways and times to take them.  Here is a visual of the directions for you.

directions for product use