Put the Skinny in Your Genes!

skinny genex tea

Low Glycemic, Thermogenic, Fat Burning Tea!!!

If I could introduce you to a delicious tea (drink it either hot or cold) that could help you burn fat, balance your blood sugar, give you sustained energy all day long and help you finally lose the weight that you’ve never been able to lose before…would you be interested in learning about it?

That’s what I thought!

Introducing SkinnyGenex tea!

This is not just the latest marketing gimmick that makes promises it can’t deliver.  This tea has been proven effective and tested by over 250,000 people over a 25 year period and has 30 years of proven human in vivo clinical trials!

How does it work?

SKINNY GENEX™ TEA contains a revolutionary form of Intelligence Inside called Buffered Caffeine™, which delivers the message to the brain & body to speed up the caloric-burning process.

The intelligence inside of SKINNY GENEX™ TEA is backed by 30-years of Board Approved Human In-Vivo clinical trials and Patents in Low Glycemic Thermogenic Fat-Burning technology.

In order to make high-energy beverages smarter, you have to invent a better mechanism for caffeine, and to limit that caffeine to lower amounts with better energy levels, balanced energy, and lowered blood sugar responses.

The caffeine source used in SKINNY GENEX™ TEA is Buffered Caffeine™. This does not refer to the pH of the caffeine, but to its capacity to buffer the side effects of regular caffeine.

SKINNY GENEX™ TEA – Buffered Caffeine™ contains a Low Glycemic natural brain-friendly compound designed to prevent blood sugar imbalances, insulin surges, and caffeine-related reduced sports performance, helping the body mitigate the highs/lows related to ingesting regular caffeine.

Buffered Caffeine™ helps blunt the storage of calories into adipose tissue fat cells by downregulating Lipoprotein Lipase (LPL)   Energy drinks and caffeinated beverages can cause fat-storage and weight gain. Additionally, metabolically buffering caffeine helps prevent caffeine driven reduced insulin sensitivity, which is extremely detrimental in humans.*

Check out this video that explains some of the science behind this fat burning, low glycemic tea!

Xtreme Healthy Lifestyles Skinny Genex Peach and Pineapple Splash. The science of these amazing Products.



  • Proven Safe & Efficacious
  • Tested in 250,000 people over 25 year-period
  • Backed by 30-Years of Human In Vivo Clinical Trials
  • Success Magazine Breakthrough Product of the Year
  • Featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal:
  • Patented Formula generates $ 300 Million dollars in Sales
  • Manufactured in cGMP, NSF Facility for 30-years · Natural Low Glycemic Matrix for sustained energy
  • Low Glycemic Load – Blunts blood-sugar crash

Want to use this brilliant technology to put the Skinny back in YOUR genes?

Each box of SkinnyGenex tea has 30 servings.  You can use up to 3 servings a day although usually 2 servings is more than enough to give you the benefits with maximum sustained energy.

SkinnyGenex tea comes in two flavors.  Peach Mango and Pineapple Splash.

A brand new version of this tea has just been released (August 2017) that is 25% stronger than the original tea.  Each serving is designed to give you 7 hours of sustained energy and blood sugar control!!!!

You can get your own SkinnyGenex tea for $69.95 (plus shipping) if you just place a single retail order.  Or become a Preferred Customer and get it for $59.95 (plus shipping).  This is just $2 a serving to get all the benefits from this functional food product that is not available anywhere else!!!!

Put the Skinny Back in YOUR Genes!

Here are some people who are already enjoying the benefits of SkinnyGenex:

lybra lost 30 in 2 months tea









missy 40 lbs pineapple









patrice 59 with tea and tri









teresa 35 tea