How I Eat Now…

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How I Eat Now!

What is the best nutrition plan to lose excess fluff?

This is a question I’ve spent the better part of 40 years studying.  If I had the exact “diet plan” that worked for every one of us, I’d be the richest woman in the world.

What I’ve learned is there are so many variables that go into this answer.  The science of nutritional customization will be a huge industry over the next 10 years.

That being said…I can tell you a few things I HAVE learned along the way.

A few principles I’ve learned about weight loss…

  1. A calorie of sugar doesn’t work the same way in the body as a calorie of lettuce.  So…a calorie is not a calorie!
  2. You can’t go wrong by eating the most nutrient dense foods possible when you eat. The question now is…which foods are they?
  3. Portions matter
  4. Balancing your blood sugar is the key to burning fat.
  5. Eating organic and NON-GMO as much as possible makes a difference in both your weight and your health.
  6. Grains will make most of us either gain weight or not lose weight especially as we get a little older. Sorry! I know you don’t want to hear this but my experience bears this out.
  7. Taking care of your gut and your liver is key to losing that hormonal belly fat. It is CRITICAL!
  8. The more leafy greens you eat, the easier it is to lose fat.
  9. Good fat (in the correct amount) is not going to add fat to your body.
  10. Sugar is the most addictive substance and it is hidden in just about all processed foods.

I bet I haven’t told you anything you didn’t know already, right?

If you want structure around an eating plan, here’s an easy one:  Use your hand!

Each time you eat, have a small amount of lean protein.  The size and thickness of the palm of your hand.  No more than 3 -4 ounces per meal.  Protein will turn to sugar if you eat more of it than you can process at one time.  This is one reason many women don’t lose weight and keep it off on “low carb” diets.

We think “low carb” equals “high protein”.  You might lose a little weight initially (it’s usually water) but then the loss either stops or you start to gain it all back.  When you eat more protein than the body can process at that time, it turns to sugar and is stored in your fat cells for future energy needs.  This process is called gluconeogenesis.

Watch your protein portions!

Eat two large fistfuls or more of non-starchy veggies and/or  have a big bowl of leafy greens.  Fill up on these veggies!!!!  Nobody got fat eating too many leafy greens!!!

Add some healthy fat!  How about putting olive oil on those greens?  Or add a spoonful of avocado (or guacamole) or even avocado oil.

There is your meal.  By “balancing” your carbs (lots of non-starchy veggies), small amount of lean protein and good fats, you’ll balance your blood sugar and allow your body to begin to burn its excess fat for energy.

I have found over the years if you do that…you’ll lose weight.  But let’s face it …not many of us will do that.  Right?  Not enough structure.  Not enough rules.  Or for some of us…too many rules.

We women are so emotional and complicated when it comes to our “diet”.

What I’m eating these days….

I’m always asked what “plan” I’m on.  I’ve been on all of them over the years.  For the most part, I’ve found different versions of low carb plans worked best for me.  If you’ve read my “story” you know I’ve also had my weight and health challenges.

Right now, I’m really enjoying the way I’m eating and I’m finding it easy to stick with as long as I’m not traveling a lot.

I’ve lost my excess fluff and am working on healing my gut and auto-immune condition.  This nutrition plan is a large part of my healing protocol.

I’m following The Plan Paradox program.  This is a nutrition plan developed, tested and fine-tuned by Dr. Stephen Gundry.  Dr Gundry is one of the top Cardiovascular Surgeons in the world.  He is also a top scientific and medical researcher.  His credentials are impeccable!

He tested this plan and used it on over 800 of his patients with auto-immune conditions and claims he has had 100% “cure” rate.  He has healed cardiovascular disease, diabetes and all different auto-immune conditions.  This is HUGE!!!!

Because I have been healing my own auto-immune condition, I’ve been following this program.  There isn’t anything about it I believe could be harmful to any of us.  Whether it will cure you if you have health conditions, only experience will show you.

I have also found,  if you follow it , you will be able to lose that extra fluff you are carrying around.  A triple bonus!!!!

It has for me.

You can get the book on Amazon.


This plan is very different from most plans you might have followed.  Many of the “healthy” foods you’ve probably been eating will not be on the “approved” list due to being high in lectins.  It can be a bit of a challenge when you first start to implement this program.  I will be blogging and posting different recipes and foods I find to be delicious and helpful on the “Gundry journey”.

If you decide to follow his program, I’d love to hear your experience.  Click here and leave a comment.