The Healing Energy of the T-Tapp Community!

by Renee on November 20, 2013

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The Healing Energy of the T-Tapp Community!


For the past 12 years I have attended The T-Tapp Annual Fitness Retreat.  I was there last month and was lucky enough to follow it up last weekend with a shorter Wellness Weekend that Teresa Tapp held.  I want to share with you one HUGE observation.  I always feel my best physically during that one week of the year.  Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with some uncomfortable health challenges but when I go to Safety Harbor, for that week I feel great!

Why is this?  Is it the healing waters the spa is known for?  Is it just being out of my “regular” environment?  Is it eating whatever I want because I know I will T-Tapp it off?  🙂  Is it all the lymphatic pumping we do during those hours of T-Tapp?

I’m sure all those things contribute.  But I believe the biggest cause is the sense of community I have when I’m there.   There is just something about being with amazing women who are all there supporting  each other on our journeys.  We share our lives… the good, bad and ugly.  When we share, what we get back is complete support for who we are and where we are right now.  This is something most of us don’t get anywhere else.  It is so empowering to feel that much unconditional support.

Teresa brings in national speakers to share their gifts with us.  Every one who comes to speak and is immersed in the T-Tapp “family’ always talks about the incredible sense of community we have.  How everyone is so supportive of each other.  Typically when you get a group of women together like this, groups tend to form and they can be exclusionary and make many people  feel left out or judged.  This is not what happens when T-Tappers get together.  We are all there to support each one of us.  Everyone is invited and included!

In any corporation, leadership begins at the top.  This is true for our T-Tapp community too.  Teresa Tapp has created this environment to make sure everyone feels wanted and empowered with the tools to be their best physically and emotionally.  She gives so generously of her vast knowledge of muscle movement and body alignment and brings in others whom she respects to share their knowledge of other aspects of health.  In all the years I’ve known her, I’ve never seen her be anything but kind to everyone who has asked for her assistance.  She is the definition of a servant leader!

“YES… YOU CAN”!  This is her motto that rings in all our ears.  That helps us continue on when we really just want to go sit on the couch and pout.  That lets us know she believes in us.  That spurs us on to create greater health in our lives.

I love this sense of community.  It’s so terrific that we now have social media sites like Facebook where we get to continue to connect with our T-Tapp family and carry that sense of community back with us when we get home, knowing all we have to do is log on and we are back!

Sending out a huge hug to all of you who have touched me in so many ways by being a part of this great T-Tapp community!  I am humbled and grateful to be a part of a community that is empowering us women to love ourselves enough to be a part of this T-Tapp family!

If you are looking for a T-Tapp group to join on Facebook where you will always be supported, please friend me.  Then send me a message and ask to join our Facebook group.  I look forward to adding you to our T-Tapp family!


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