Are You Feeding Your Physical or Emotional Hunger?

by Renee on December 19, 2011

Are You Feeding Your Physical Or Emotional Hunger?


When you start to think about going on a diet, do you get anxious about being hungry, weak and irritable?  Are you worried that you’ll fail again because you won’t be able to stay on your diet when faced with social situations that involve food because you’ll be too hungry to stay strong?

A study was done a few years ago and these were the two biggest fears people had that helped them back from moving forward on a diet plan.

Hunger is a complex issue but this is what I’ve learned from experience working with the balanced eating plan.  When you eat 6 small, balanced meals in the day, after about 4 days, your physical hunger goes away (as long as you don’t have serious metabolic issues).  Most people are blown away that they just aren’t hungry anymore for the first time in their lives.

This has to do with bringing their blood sugar back into balance and turning off their insulin pump.

There is a difference though between not being hungry and feeling full.  In order to turn your body into a fat-burning machine, you don’t eat until you feel full or stuffed.  You eat until you aren’t hungry.  Big difference.

If you find yourself uncomfortable because you aren’t getting a feeling of fullness, it’s helpful to become mindful of what it is you are wanting filled.  At this point, it’s typically not a physical hunger you are dealing with. It’s an emotional hunger or need you have that you want to not feel.

If you are really ready to grab a hold over your weight and health, I suggest getting the book Shrink Yourself.  It’s written by Dr. Roger Gould and it is a fabulous book that basically can allow you to become your own “shrink”.

Love to hear how this book helps you gain an understanding about how your hunger has controlled you in the past and how the exercises in it are helping you gain back control.

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