My New Favorite Obsession!

by Renee on August 12, 2016



My New Favorite Obsession!!!


Are you confused about what “healthy eating” really is?  I can certainly understand why.  It changes all the time.  It also depends on what “expert” or “guru” you listen to.

Part of the issue is that we are all unique.  What might be the best way to eat in a healthy way for one person might not be the same for someone else.

It’s enough to make you just thrown up your hands and eat a big pepperoni pizza while swigging down your merlot.  At least the wine has some resveratrol and you’ve read that’s really good for you.

After DECADES of studying nutrition and trying everything in the book, I have my own protocol that has finally helped me heal from some pretty serious auto-immune  issues and adrenal exhaustion.

Here is one thing I believe anyone with any kind of knowledge and intuition has to get agree on…(drum roll please)…

One super simple thing you can do to improve your health is to eat more vegetables and “super foods”.  Organic preferably!

You just can’t go wrong by doing this.  And oh by the way…we all didn’t gain our excess fluff by eating too many veggies and super foods.  I’m pretty sure this is true.

So why don’t we?  There are as many reasons as there are people.  But here are a few I hear all the time…

  • I don’t like the taste
  • I don’t have the time to prepare them
  • I don’t know how to prepare them in a way I’ll like them
  • My family doesn’t like them and I don’t want to cook for them and me
  • They go bad too quickly
  • I have to go shopping more often or they will go bad

I bet you are shaking your head in agreement with a bunch of these.

There is one thing I knew…if I could find a way to overcome all these issues, I could get you to eat more veggies and super-foods.

It had to be filled with great, nutrient dense ingredients, help balance all your bodies systems, allow to you feel the difference quickly, be EASY to do, affordable and TASTE GREAT…

I have tried literally hundreds of “green drinks” over the years trying to find one that met all those qualifications.  But for one reason or another, never found one that met everything I was hoping for…until now.
Perfect Greens Formula!  What a Perfect name for it.  This drink has EVERYTHING a girl could want in her greens drink.

Check out what all is in it.    I am not going to go through the huge list of awesome ingredients in their 8 different blends, like the Greens Juice Blend, the Garden Blend, fiber blend and even the glucose balance blend!!!

You can read it all for yourself.

What am going to tell you that it tastes not only okay…but seriously good.  It has a clean apple taste to it.  Even with all those grasses, veggies, fruits, probiotics, enzymes…  Even kids will happily slurp this down.

You can just mix it with water (I am mixing mine with a sparkling mineral water like Perrier) or put it in the blender with some frozen berries and half a banana if you really want to live big!!!!

If you just drink one big glass of this a day…your health could change.  This is such a simple way to drastically improve your health.

Drink it in the morning and know you are getting dense nutrition to help support you the whole day.

It’s a brand new product and it’s on sale right now.  Don’t stop!  Go right now to check it out.

This is a super simple step you can take right now to improve your health!

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