Want to Know My Favorite Whole Food Supplement?

by Renee on May 22, 2012

Want To Know My Favorite Whole Food Supplement???

Hi, I'm Renee McLaughlin, Certified Health Coach and Master T-Tapp Trainer. Today, I want to share my favorite supplement with you.

If I was told I could only take one supplement and had to toss away all the rest (If you saw my cabinet filled with every supplement known to modern man, you'd know what a huge sacrifice this would be for me.  LOL!!!) my choice would be  "Premium Blend" Alfalfa by Better Body Basics.

Premium Blend Alfalfa has so many great uses. Let's start with it's ability to tighten and tone skin.

Teresa Tapp put it into her Cellulite Removal Technique System because alfalfa has been known to help our bodies increase our collagen production. We know the more collagen we have, the tighter our skin is.

The Premium Blend Alfalfa, along with our T-Tapp skin-brushing system and the T-Tapp Workout is a 1-2-3 punch to really help tighten up our skin and just make us look like we are 25 again!

When you tighten and tone the skin on the legs, you provide much better support for your vascular system.  I've seen many woman get wonderful results reducing pain from their vericose vein  issues. 

Want a powerful, non-drug anti-inflammatory?  I take alfalfa when I'm increasing my workouts, taking long hikes or even doing gardening work. Whether you are a "weekend warrior" or just find yourself increasing your activity level, you can increase your alfalfa and not have to experience muscle pain and stiffness.  Nor do you have to take any kind of "drugs" that might upset your stomach.  Just whole food alfalfa!

Have you ever noticed when you drink a little alcohol or indulge in any sugar,  you feel kind of "off"???  Those foods create an acid environment in your body.  For quick relief, pop about six alfalfa capsules. The alfalfa alkalizes your body and will neutralize the acid those foods created. 

Do you retain fluid at various times of the month?  Alfalfa to the rescue!  Because it is a plant protein, it balances blood sugar and allows the kidneys to release excess fluid.  Again…take it when you are having that glass of wine in the evening to counter balance the extra sugar from the wine with the protein in the alfalfa. 

Let's talk hormones!  Alfalfa modulates the pituitary gland so it's very effective at helping us balance our hormone levels.  Estrogen dominant or deficient.  Either way…alfalfa has you covered.  Support your pituitary gland and you help your body help itself.  Increase your alfalfa when you are feeling moody or having hot flashes and watch them fade away. 

Sounds great.  How much alfalfa should I take???

When I share my love of alfalfa with people, the biggest question I get is "how much should I take"?   My answer is, “Enough.”

I know that's not really a great answer, is it? Especially if you're somebody who really wants something specific. I can't give you anything specific because each of us have our own unique bodies. We all process supplements, food and drugs so individually. Some of us have a little more sluggish livers. Some of us are just really good oxidizers.

I suggest starting with just a maintenance dose of about six. Don't take them all at one time.  Instead, spread them over the course of the day. Then adjust the amount based on what you are feeling or doing. 

For example, if I'm doing a lot of T-Tapp and I don't want to be sore, I may increase it to a total of nine in the day. If I'm getting a little bit hot flashy or hormonal, I might go up to as much as twelve. I might do three, three, three, maybe four before I go to sleep.

I hope that this helps.

Ready to get a bottle of alfalfa and enjoy all these wonderful benefits?  Click here to order yours today. 

Try it for yourself.  Then come back here and share how it works for you. Have a great day.

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