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Class schedule


All my classes are now held online!!!  


You can now workout with me live!  Wherever you are!  All you need is a computer (hopefully with a camera either as part of your computer or added on via USB) and a good internet connection.

These classes aren’t you just watching me workout.  Using the newest technology, you are actually able to watch yourself workout (just like if you were seeing yourself in a mirror) and watch me.  I am also able to see you!  So you get tips and tweaks just like if we were in the same room together!  This is what we’ve all been waiting for and it’s here NOW!!!

When are the classes held!

Check out my calendar here for class events and times.  I have classes every day but Sunday!

Want to attend a class or three?  Click HERE to contact me and let me know what days/times you’d like to attend and I will get back to you with class links and information on how to join the class!


Not sure if it will work for you or you have other questions?

If you have any questions about how that works and how you can take advantage of having a Master Trainer teach you right in your own home or office, just contact me here or call me at 678-522-8056.

Don’t look now but…you are running out of reasons to not do your workout!!!!  Not only that but you might even enjoy the heck out it.


You can now get a personal T-Tapp session with Renee regardless of where you are! 

Renee offers personal T-Tapp sessions from the comfort of your home via the internet.  All you need is an internet connection and a webcam!  Location is no longer a reason to not get the help you desire.  Click on my side scheduler to set up your own personal session!