A 60 Day Challenge Gift Just for YOU!

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A 60 Day Challenge Gift Just for YOU!!!!


Thank you for requesting the complimentary 60 Day Challenge gift I created just for YOU!  The 60 Day Challenge is a special time of the year when we commit to giving ourselves extra care.  When we take time out of our busy lives to focus (even if it’s just for a few minutes) on our own self care.

This gift is for those of you who are “officially” entering the T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge…and for those of you who are doing your own Challenge.  It will be helpful to you even if you aren’t at a place in your life to do a “Challenge”.  The form tips here can be used to get the most out of any workout you ever do.

Movement is one of the best medicines we have available.   I believe in using this wonderful method of movement as a “medicine” to nourish and heal us.  NOT to use it as a punishment for being “bad” by not working out or not doing it “perfectly”.

My hope for you is you use these tips and information with the intention of  loving yourself all the way through the 60 days…and beyond into your life.     wordswag_1486412652110


Welcome to the 60 Day Challenge Gift Package:


Here are two of the best tools you can use as you plan for and go through your Challenge.  Make sure to download both and keep them right by your side as you go through these next 60 days!

Download your Free Success Tracker here.

Download the Top 10 Killer Tips For T-Tapp 60 Day Challenge here.

 Scroll to the bottom of the page to listen to the two interviews I did with Teresa Tapp where she shares all the information you need to get your best results during this Challenge …and beyond!

Let’s get this Challenge party started…

Start here with this welcome video…


Click HERE to go to my “T-Tapp Tips and Support” Facebook Group.  Ask to join to receive extra support through the Challenge!

Click HERE to go to my Inspiration page where you can hear the interviews I did with the 60 Day Challenge winners.  GREAT tips and inspiration on this page.  Bookmark it so you can return as you go through your own Challenge!


Ready for your 7 Video Form tips?  These are best watched in order.

Tip #1: Hand positions:



Tip #2: The stance



Tip #3: Hand away and the power of “Ribs up”!



Tip #4: Clap Aways



Tip #5: Hand positions for Primary Back Stretch



Tip #6: Back positions for Primary Back Stretch



Tip #7: Plies



Join me for a 10 Minute Sample Class:

I hope you have found the tips, tweaks and tools in this gift package helpful!  T-Tapp is an incredible method of movement and the more you slow each move down and focus on your form (this doesn’t mean getting it all perfect) by connecting your brain to your body…the quicker results will come.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…is to keep doing the moves with focused intention.  Allow the body to respond as it does.

Sometimes it doesn’t respond as quickly and in the way you necessarily want it to.   There can be many reasons for this.  I have found most often it’s because you are actually healing at a deep cellular level.  You are activating the lymphatic system and that is the body’s trash can.  Lot’s of toxic waste is being circulated and eliminated.  This is why T-Tapp has been called “an elimination” workout.

Have faith, knowing you are giving your body this healing movement and don’t stop!!!!   All of a sudden you will notice your pants getting looser and/or your arms gaining definition where they never had it before…

Want to know when T-Tapp won’t work???

When you stop doing it!!!  That is a certainty!

If you want T-Tapp to work…you have to work T-Tapp.  Or… I like to think we have to play at T-Tapp.

If you enjoyed these videos and want to come out to play with me some more…

I’d love that.  You can either take a class with me LIVE Online (via Zoom) or you can get one of my Recorded class packages.  These packages consist of classes I recorded live and are making them available to you to do when your schedule permits.

If you are a T-Tapp “newbie” and want more form tip classes, checking out my Beginners “get started off right” T-Tapp package.  

If you don’t have a ton of time to workout (and let’s face it…how many of us really want to spend more than 30 minutes getting our T-Tapp on??), check out my “Short and Sweet” Recorded Class Package.  

Check out these two interviews I did with Teresa Tapp on Thursday, Feb 10 (the week before the Challenge)

In this first interview, Teresa explains what the 60 Day Challenge is, how to “officially” register for it, what categories you can choose from to join and how to decide …all about the New 2 Week Challenge within the 60 Day challenge!

In this second interview, Teresa answers lots of frequently asked questions about how to get the best results from your Challenge and from your T-Tapp workout all through the year.  Lots of gems of info in this interview.  We hope you enjoy it!

Digest Plus is the systemic enzyme supplement that Teresa and I discuss.  Want to get rid of belly bloat?  Yep…this supplement can do the trick (along with T-Tapping of course)

Premium blend Alfalfa is one of my all-time favorite supplements.  But it’s really not a supplement. It’s a wonderful, mineral-rich source of plant protein that has so many health benefits like helping with hormone balancing, water retention, skin wrinkling…but what I REALLY love is that it is a power anti-inflammatory.  MUCH better than taking NSAIDs to relieve your pain and stiffness.

I happen to also use PG+.  I will have Teresa on another interview to chat more about this product and it’s great benies but just know…it can REALLY help with endurance and sugar cravings.  Science has proved it’s effectiveness!  Great tool to have during this Challenge and after it!