12 Minute Full Body, Feel Great Stretch Routine

by Renee on June 28, 2017

cat stretch


12 Minute Full Body, Feel GREAT Stretch Routine


Would you love to have a short stretching routine you could do anytime in the day that would leave you feeling energized yet relaxed, flexible, and wonderful in your body?  Many of my clients have asked me for this class so I decided to create this 12 minute video and let everyone enjoy it.

Please try it, enjoy it and pay it forward by sharing it with those you care about. ┬áLet me know your experience…

xoxo Renee


  • catherine johnson

    Oh my GOD!!! Thanks for sharing this relaxing video it’s great for a Sunday morning,afternoon, or evening stretch. I truly needed that. You are such a diamond lady, I”m very blessed to have you as my mentor and friend. I’m graceful that GOD gave Teresa this movement of T-Tapp. Love you, Cath
    P.S. See you soon!!!

    • reneemcl

      I am so happy you enjoyed this stretch routine. You are also an incredible inspiration. Sending you much love and light Cath!!!

  • catherine johnson

    Good morning Renee, love this 12 minute stretch it wakes up my body and it help me relax. I tight some morning and this is a great go to stretch. Thanks again!!!

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