T Tapp tip! How to do Hoe Downs

by Renee on August 23, 2016

wordswag_1471877564615T-Tapp Tips!  How To Do Hoe Downs!


Have you heard of this crazy T-Tapp move called Hoe Downs?  If not…you might just want to stick around and check this 3 minute fat blasting move.

Let me first share what T-Tapp is NOT!  It is NOT tap dancing.  No dancing involved.

The “T” stands for Teresa and the “Tapp” is Teresa’s last name.  She is the woman behind this method of movement that has many people shaking their head in amazement.  How is it possible that you can do these few moves (completely non-impact) in a 15 minute workout and drop tons of inches quickly???

It’s because when you understand how to engage your muscles in alignment and work the body from “the inside out”…seeming miracles can happen!

If you don’t believe me, check out my Inspiration page and listen to just a few of the women share their personal experience with it.  It defies logic but yet…it WORKS!!!

One of the moves in this workout is called Hoe Downs.  It is NOT a country dance!!!  But it can be fun to do!  Especially when you do a few sets of it a day and watch your pants slip down because you’ve just lost a size or two around your waist.

Here are some of the reasons you want to consider adding Hoe Downs to you daily movement program:

  • It has been proven to lower blood sugar 62-84 points just by doing 2 sets in a row!
  • It will raise your heart rate and improve cardio function especially when you do it quickly
  • When you do it slowly, it will tighten and tone all the muscles in your body
  • It is very lymphatic!  This means it helps you with your detoxification system.
  • Do a set or two within 10 minutes of eating to help you with your digestion and assimilation of nutrients – It will also help you manage your blood sugar

With T-Tapp…form matters!!!  The better your form when you do the moves, the better your results.

When you are doing a 15 minute workout…you want to make each minute count and you do that by constantly improving your T-Tapp form.

But…when you are watching the DVD and going quickly, there’s no time to slow it down and really learn how to get the most out of each move.  That’s why I created two online video T-Tapp Form Intensive Courses.  Course 1 covers all the moves in the 15 minute workout (with modifications for everyone) and Course 2 covers all the rest of the moves in our “Total Workout”.  You can learn all about these courses here.

Want to understand how to do hoe downs with great form?  Check out my YouTube video!

As you can see…form matters when you are looking at getting incredible results.  But the awesome thing about T-Tapp is that it is progressive.  You start learning and doing the moves.  You will begin to get results.  If you then focus on improving your form, you won’t have to do it longer or more often!  You will just continue to get great results.

Perhaps we should change the name to “The Best Fat Blasting Inch Loss Workout on the Planet”!!!

Try out these form tips and let me know how they work for you!


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