Do You Have a “Lack of Food” Mindset?

by Renee on January 12, 2014

Change Your Lack Mindset to One Of Abundance!


When you begin a new diet, do you immediately start to focus on all the foods you love that aren’t part of that diet?  (I know…I did use that 4 letter “D” word!)  If you are starting on a “low-carb” diet, are you focusing on that bread that isn’t part of the plan?  Do you constantly keep talking to yourself and saying “I will never be able to have that bread again!”

If you are, that is a “lack” mindset.  You keep focusing on the negative and on what you can’t have.  How would you feel if you changed those thoughts to thoughts of what you CAN have.

WOW!  I am excited I can have as much non-starchy green veggies as I want.  By eating those, I will be able to shed fat and feel fantastic!  I will create the lean, healthy body I want!

These two mindsets create very different energy levels and long-term…very different results.

Here is another behavior that comes from that “lack” mindset.  We tend to look at that wanted food and say to ourselves “I know I won’t be able to have that bread on this new program so I better eat a ton of it now.  I’ll start the new program tomorrow”.  Interesting about when “tomorrow” shows up, isn’t it?  We never want to start because all we are focused on is what we are giving up.

Human nature is so interesting.  It makes us want what we can’t have.  When we know we can have it at any time, the charge around it goes away.   Stop focusing on all the things you can’t have and instead focus on what you want to create.  Know that each and every time you have a choice.  You can either eat foods that will take you to where you want to go or not.

When you stop thinking you can’t have something you want and instead recognize you have a choice in each moment, the charge goes away and more often than not, you’ll choose something that will feel good.

That food will always be there for you.  It’s not going away.  You don’t have to have it right now.

Doesn’t that feel better?


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2 Keys To Weight Loss Success…Consistency and Patience


Have you ever noticed people who are always “on a diet” are rarely all that lean?  That seems counter to what we would expect.  They are always looking for the newest, greatest diet or program to “go on” but they always have the hardest time losing weight.

The leanest people aren’t “on a diet”.  They are eating the same healthy way every day.  It’s just what they do.  They eat their veggies, lean protein and healthy fat every day without thinking much about it.  It has become a habit for them.  They do their workout consistently each week without a lot of thought about it.  If they miss a day or two, they pick back up when they can without guilt or shame.  It’s simply how they live.

Lean people act like lean people.  They have healthy habits that are built into their day.  They do these things consistently, day in and day out.  Pretty boring!  But it works.

If you want to be a lean person, why not begin right now to act like lean people act.  Start incorporating healthy habits into your life.  Not to reach a certain goal weight by a certain day or you will “go off your diet” and start looking around for the next diet to replace it.  But as a way of being!

Consistency and patience are the keys to life-long success!



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